in Austin, TX specializes in book repair in Austin TX, book conservation in Austin, Texas and book preservation.

Book Preservation



     An initial meeting (in-person) of 30 minutes is free if the item is left for conservation treatment; if an item is not left for treatment after this meeting, a charge of $45 will apply.  Digital photos may be submitted for a free approximation of cost, but the final estimate of cost will only be provided when the item has been examined in person.  The final cost of treatment will be determined on an item-by-item basis and will consider the time required to treat the item and the cost of supplies needed. 
     All items left for conservation will incur a $75 processing fee.  This fee covers a written treatment report and digital photographs taken before and after treatment.  The client will receive a copy of both.  Booksmith Conservation specializes in book repair in Austin, TX and book conservation in Austin, Texas and book preservation.

Services for bound-objects include:

  • Spine replacement

  • Board re-attachment

  • Hinge tightening

  • Re-sewing and/or consolidation of textblock

  • Repair of signatures

  • New, custom bindings

  • Custom housings such as clamshell box or phase box

Services for paper or parchment-based items include:

  • Surface cleaning

  • Washing

  • Mending tears

  • Filling losses

  • Lining or backing removal

  • Re-lining or backing an object

  • Humidification and flattening

  • Removal of harmful mends

  • ​Custom housings such as protective folders, hinged mats, or custom boxes

Collection Assessmentsand Surveys
     Booksmith Conservation can design and execute a customized preservation survey for an
institution and/or an in-depth collection assessment.  A preservation survey generally considers environmental risks, the building envelope and storage methods, but can be further customized to the specific needs of the institution.  A collection assessment will provide an in-depth look at the preservation needs of an entire collection or a smaller sub-set within a large collection.  This, too, can be customized to include specific repairs recommended, housings needed, handling procedures, lending procedures, etc.  Please contact April for current pricing.

Basic Book Repair or Basic Bookbinding Classes​    
     Booksmith Conservation occasionally offers basic book repair or bookbinding classes on weekends.  A basic book repair class typically requires two sessions and covers mending paper and rebacking a book (students bring their own materials on which to work).  A basic bookbinding class typically involves two sessions in which students sew their own textblock and make a cloth, case-bound book.  Students provide their own tools for both.  Please contact April for current pricing.