Personal letter, 19th century:  This letter was written in iron-gall ink on handmade paper.  It had been stored folded with most of the tears and losses occurring along the folds.  It was washed, then tears were mended and losses filled with Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste.

After Treatment, Recto

flat paper treatments

After Treatment, Opening

     "AN ORDINANCE TO DISSOLVE THE UNION BETWEEN THE STATE OF TEXAS AND THE OTHER STATES...":  This broadside was taped onto an acidic board with numerous creases and tears.  The tape was removed, the broadside was washed, then lined with Japanese tissue and hinged into a protective mat for storage and occasional display.


Before Treatment, Opening

After Treatment, Envelope

Before Treatment, Recto

Family Documents:  These four family documents arrived in the lab adhered to acidic, shiny, metallic-coated board.  They were all removed and losses filled with toned machine-made paper, as appropriate for each item.  The finished example is of the envelope where losses were filled with toned paper adhered with wheat starch paste.

Before Treatment, Envelope on Bottom Left